The following, but not limited to: tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, and electronics are available for reservation through the Events Office of the School of Engineering (SoE); however, they may only be reserved for SoE events. Persons in charge of non-engineering events must make provisions for rental tables, linens, and chairs. These rentals must be removed immediately after the event.

The SoE owns rectangular tables that are kept in Martel Kitchen; these are always on a first-come-first serve basis — no reservation needed and cannot be removed from the premises. There is a code for the kitchen access, but the code is only for faculty and staff use. If you are not from the SoE, your sponsor can open the doors for you, or you may place a work order with the Facilities Engineering and Planning (FE&P). 

Engineering departments may request supplies and equipment through Cecilia Gimenez-Zapiola, the events coordinator, and must send her the following forms.

** Please note that not all requests can be accommodated. You will receive a confirmation email if your request is approved.**